Most lodgings in this part of Campania have been owned by the same families for generations, and whether the owner is plain mamma-and-papà or an heir to a ducal line, personality is evident. Along with local management may come quirks, even in the fanciest establishments, but the 21st century has wrought change, and with it, numerous 19th-century cliffside villas and palazzi, with their big gardens and grand staircases, huge baths and tile floors, have been transformed into luxury hotels. Happily, you don't need to be a millionaire to enjoy comfy lodgings along the Amalfi Coast: there are many less expensive options.

When booking, note that a few hotels may require a minimum stay for the peak periods of July and August and around holidays. If you're traveling by car and reserving rooms in advance, ask about parking fees, which can be as high as €20 per day.

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