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There are taxi stands beside the central bus station, and at train stations, O'Connell Bridge, St. Stephen's Green, College Green, and near major hotels; the Dublin telephone directory has a complete list. The initial charge is €3.80 (€4.20 after 8 pm and on Sunday), with an additional charge of about €1.14 (€1.80 after 8 pm and on Sunday) per kilometer thereafter. The fare is displayed on a meter (make sure it's on). You may, instead, want to phone a taxi company and ask for a cab to meet you at your hotel, but this may cost up to €2 extra. There is no charge for luggage. Uber is not widely available in Dublin, but Free Now( and Lynx ( are two online services used by a lot of licensed Dublin taxi drivers and hackney cabs.

Hackney cabs, which also operate in the city, have neither roof signs nor meters and will sometimes respond to hotels' requests for a cab.

Although the taxi fleet in Dublin is large, the cabs are nonstandard, and some cars are neither spacious nor in pristine condition. NRC Taxis has a reliable track record. NRC Taxis is one of the city's biggest but also the busiest. SCR Cabs has some of the friendliest drivers.


NRC Taxies. 01/677–2222;

SCR Cabs. 01/473–1166.

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