Hungary Itineraries

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    This Trip's Top Experiences:

  • Architecture
  • Shopping
  • Nightlife
  • Great Train Ride
  • History
Fly into: Budapest Fly out of: Warsaw
Total Duration: 10 days

This itinerary gives the flavor of Central Europe. There's plenty to see, including castles in Bratislava and Krakow, bathhouses in Budapest, and libraries in Warsaw. It's best and most easily undertaken by train.


    This Trip's Top Experiences:

  • History
  • Art and Culture
  • Great Train Ride
Fly into: Prague Fly out of: Budapest
Total Duration: 9 Days

These are the pillars of Central Europe. Prague is the centerpiece, beautifully preserved, walkable, and full of mysterious cobblestone side streets. Vienna is the stately big brother, officious, Hapsburgian, and old-school, from the desserts to the Opera. Budapest is still the scruffy upstart, 20 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and the vibrant nightlife and traditional bathhouses make it the most foreign and inscrutable of the three.


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