Most tavernas are opened from midday until just past midnight, and welcome guests to stay as long as they like. Traditional recipes such as mageirefta (home-cooked) dishes based on local meat and vegetables, and a variety of fresh fish, reign supreme. Look for local specialties such as the Skopelitiki tiropita, or cheese pie (a spiral of tubed phyllo pastry filled with creamy white feta and fried to a crispy texture), or the fluffy avgato yellow plums in light syrup that can be savored as a dressing for fresh yogurt or on a small plate as glyko koutaliou (spoon sweet). Be sure to ask the waiter what fresh fish they serve and what the dishes of the day are, and don't hesitate to go inside and see the food for yourself before ordering. As with everywhere in Greece, the hima (homemade) house wine is usually good enough, sometimes excellent; the waiter will not mind if you order a taste before deciding.

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