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Ferry travel to Skiathos and Skopelos requires that you drive or take a bus to Agios Konstantinos, about two hours north of Athens; if arriving from central or northern Greece, however, it's easiest to board a ferry at Volos or Thessaloniki. For all ferries, it's best to call a travel agency ahead of time to check schedules and prices and to book your ferry in advance—especially if you are bringing a car—as boat times change seasonally; to check schedules, go to the Greek Travel Pages ( Tickets are also available from several travel agents on the dock.

There are at least three to four ferries per day in the summer from Agios Konstantinos to Skiathos, often continuing on to Skopelos (these may be regular ferries or the so-called Flying Dolphin and Flyingcat ferries, which are smaller, faster, and more expensive but do not take cars). There are significantly fewer departures in winter.

Fast ferries from Agios Konstantinos to Skiathos take approximately 90 minutes and cost €32–€37; many continue to Skopelos in another 60 minutes and cost €40–€49.50. Regular ferries from Agios Konstantinos to Skiathos take about three hours and cost €30.50; they continue to Skopelos in another hour and 45 minutes and cost €38. From Volos, the travel time is slightly less and has similar pricing. On Skopelos, ferries usually make two stops, at Loutraki (port for the town of Glossa) and in Skopelos Town.

Getting to Skyros from Athens or elsewhere on the mainland requires driving or taking a bus to Kimi—on the giant island of Evia, connected by bridges to the mainland—and then catching one of the two daily ferries (or less-frequent hydrofoils) to Skyros. You can buy ferry tickets at the Kimi dock when you get off the bus; the trip to Skyros takes two hours and costs €9.

In summer only, there are three ferries weekly ferries between Skopelos and Skyros; the trip takes about five hours and the ticket price is €22.


Port Authority. 22350/31759; 22220/22606; 24270/22017; 24240/22180; 22220/91475.

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