The cuisine of the Saronic islands resembles that of Athens, Attica, and the Peloponnese. Local ingredients predominate, with fresh fish perhaps the greatest (and most expensive) delicacy. Because much of Attica's vegetation is used to support herds of grazing sheep and the omnivorous goat, the meat of both animals is also a staple in many country tavernas. Although it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the traditional Greek taverna with large stew pots full of the day's hot meal, or big tapsi (pans) of pastitsio (layers of pasta, meat, and cheese laced with cinnamon) or papoutsakia (eggplant slices filled with minced meat), market towns still harbor the occasional rustic haunt, offering tasty, inexpensive meals. Always ask to see the kouzina (kitchen) to look at the day's offerings, or to even peer inside the pots. Informal dress is appropriate at all but the very fanciest restaurants and, unless noted, reservations are not necessary.

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