Planning Your Time

The Saronic isles make fabulous day trips, though an overnight stay—or hop to a second isle—is recommended if you have the time. To ease into the pace of island life probably requires at least two days per island; however, you can visit all the islands in as few as four days. Aegina—the closest to Piraeus—is the easiest to do in a day since it has the most regular traffic to and fro, especially if your time is very limited. Although all the Saronic islands have swimming beaches, those on Spetses are the best, so you may want to linger. In three days you can explore most of Hydra or Spetses, or really get to know Aegina. Is island-hopping on your agenda? Devote the first two days to the small main town and beautiful beaches of Spetses. In the next two, wander Hydra’s port town, and if you’re ambitious (and in shape), hike to a monastery. Then give Aegina its day’s due. One no-sweat tip to keep in mind: In July and August visit Saronic island archaeological sites like the Temple of Aphaia as early in the day as possible. There is little shade at such sites, and the midday heat can be withering. And, of course, an early start may help you avoid crowds.

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