Accommodations on the Saronic Gulf islands range from elegant 19th-century mansions—usually labeled as "traditional settlements"—to boutique-style hotels to spare rental rooms overlooking a noisy waterfront. Rented rooms can be less expensive than hotels and offer an easy option for fly-by-the-seaters: just follow signs, or solicitors who show up when boats come in. (And note that it’s okay to check out the room before committing.) From June to September, book far in advance. Off-season (October–April), you’ll have fewer hotels to choose from, as many close during the colder months. Souvala and Ayia Marina are suitable lodging alternatives to Aegina’s main town, but on the other islands it's best to stay in or around the main ports, the hubs of these islands. If you want to plan a great off-season trip with minimum hassle, putting your itinerary in the hands of a professional is your best bet. On Aegina we recommend Karagiannis Klimi Travel . Also note that during certain times of the year (most notably summer), you may get better deals on weekdays than on Athenian-heavy weekends.

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