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Bus service between Athens and the Peloponnese is excellent—so good that you might consider taking a bus to your destination and renting a car locally, saving tolls and high fuel charges. Take advantage of the English speakers at the ticket offices to get information on traveling throughout the Peloponnese by bus—they have at their disposal a wealth of information that is otherwise hard to get. The association of regional bus companies (KTEL) no longer provides schedules on its website, only on a pay-per-minute phone line in which information is available only in Greek. Service from Athens to Corinth and Patras operates as frequently as every half hour from 6 am to late evening; it takes only an hour to Corinth and two or so to Patras. From Corinth, you can continue or connect for service to Nafplion, from where a local network serves the nearby classical sights, and to Sparta, with connections or onward service to such places as Monemvasia and the Mani. From Patras, you can make boat connections or connect to buses to Olympia and other places in the southwest Peloponnese. From Athens, direct buses also run several times daily to Gythion, Kalamata, and Tripoli and at least once a day to Andritsena, Monemvasia, and Pylos. Within the Peloponnese, bus schedules are posted at local KTEL stations, usually on the main square or main street. You will usually find English-speaking staff behind the desk in stations in the larger towns.


Andritsena Bus Station. Main square, Andritsaina, West Greece, 27061. 26260/22239.

Corinth Bus Station. Kolokotroni and Koilastou, Corinth, Peloponnese, 20100. 27410/24444.

Gythion Bus Station. Ebrikleous, at north end of harbor, Gythion, Peloponnese, 23200. 27330/22228.

Kalamata Bus Station. Artemidos 50, Kalamata, Peloponnese, 24100. 27210/22851.

Monemvasia Bus Station. Off main square, Monemvasia, Peloponnese, 23070. 27320/61432.

Nafplion Bus Station. Sigrou 8, Nafplion, Peloponnese, 21100. 27520/27323.

Olympia Bus Station. Outside train station, Olympia, West Greece, 27065. 2610/273694.

Patras Bus Station. Othonos and Amalia, Patras, West Greece, 26221. 2610/623886.

Pylos Bus Station. Trion Navarchon Sq., Pylos, Peloponnese, 24001. 27230/22230.

Sparta Bus Station. Vrasidou and Paleologou, Sparta, Peloponnese, 23100. 27310/26441.

Tripoli Bus Station. Kolokotronis Sq., Tripoli, Peloponnese, 22100. 2710/224314.

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