Top Reasons to Go to the Cyclades

Santorini: Volcanic, spectacular Santorini is possibly the last remnant of the "lost continent"—the living here is as high as the towns' cliff-top perches.

Naxos: Mythic haunt of the ancient Minoan princess Ariadne, Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades and is noted for its 16th-century Venetian homes.

Mykonos: The rich arrive by yacht, the middle class by plane, the backpackers by boat—but everyone is out to enjoy the golden sands and Dionysian nightlife.

Paros: The seaside villages of Paros, with their daytime charm and nighttime buzz, are among the most atmospheric in the Cyclades.

Antiparos: Hiding within the shadow of its mother island of Paros, this long-forgotten jewel has been discovered by Hollywood high-rollers like Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt.

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