Getting to the Cyclades: Boat vs. Plane

To get to the Cyclades, you either fly or take a boat. Flights from Athens are short and convenient, but if you want to understand what it means to be in the Aegean archipelago, and why an island has a special feeling, take the boat—after all, these are islands in the fabled Aegean, inhabited 5,000 years before Homer. Flights may cost three times the price of the slower ferries. Nevertheless, if you fly into Athens in time to make a flight connection (and especially if you don't want to visit the big city), it may be worth it. Seats are booked (sometimes overbooked) much in advance, and even in winter you need reservations. Single flights are much easier to get (even last-minute, owing to cancellations). High rollers can also hire a helicopter for €4,000, and you would be surprised how many travelers do this. Note that flights are often canceled owing to rough weather; the islands have small airports, and crosswinds (but not the prevailing north winds, which are fine, however strong) ground planes.

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