Kalambaka is reachable by train. Locals normally prefer to travel by bus, because trains generally take longer. Nevertheless, train travel makes sense on the Athens Larissis Station–Kalambaka route if you take the daily express intercity (5 hours) at 8:30 am—ironically €10 cheaper than the slow trains. It costs around the same as a bus—about €36 class A, €30 class B for the train, and €28 for the bus. Investing in a class A seat (proti thesi) means more room and comfort. The nonexpress train is agonizingly slow (at least 7 hours) and requires a change at Palaiofarsalo.

There are also frequent trains between Athens and Volos (a 5-hour journey that leaves six to seven times per day and costs €36–€43) via Larissa. From Volos, buses and trains connect with Thessaloniki every 2 hours (a journey lasting around 2½ hours and costing €18.40); the train trip requires a change at Larissa. Trains to Larissa leave about every hour on the 2- to 3-hour journey; tickets cost €12–€27.


Kalambaka Train Station. Pindou, Kalambaka, Thessaly, 42200. 24320/22451.

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