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Coming either from Thessaloniki, or from the northwestern port of Igoumenitsa, it’s reasonable to make the lively, studenty town of Ioannina and its glittering lake your starting point. Two nights there should be enough to get a good taste of this city, leaving ample time to take in the top attractions and regional tastes on offer. From there head to the Zagorohoria villages, a unique destination that draws visitors from around the world. Two days here will offer you a good introduction to the area but will definitely leave you wanting more. The Vikos Gorge, the deepest in Europe, is a phenomenal highlight of this stunning naturally abundant area.

Metsovo is the next noteworthy destination in Epirus. A couple of nights are more than enough to enjoy this unique Vlach mountain town. From Metsovo the meandering mountain roads first wind their way up out of Epirus and then down into Thessaly and the town of Kalambaka. It’s next to the breathtaking Meteora monasteries perched atop giant limestone stacks, where you should linger a couple of days.

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