Rooms are usually easy to find in Ioannina and, except at the best hotels, are simply decorated. Reservations might be necessary for Kalambaka, which is packed with tour groups to the Meteora monasteries in late spring and summer, and in Metsovo during ski season or the town's July 26 festival. In these two towns, private rooms are likely to be far cheaper than comparable hotel rooms—look for advertisements as you arrive. Off-season, prices drop drastically from those listed here, and you should always try to negotiate. Ask to see the room first, and don’t assume anything; if you have special requests, such as a mountain view, a diplo drevati (double bed) rather than a diklino (twin bed); a balcony; or a bathtub, speak up. In some cases, prices will skyrocket for Greek Easter and Christmas. In Epirus, most small hotels are built in the charming and traditional style—usually recognizable by the heavy use of wood and stone, most suited to the cold winter months, when these accommodations make the perfect base for skiing, hiking, and other activities.

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