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Taxi rates are based on location and time. Monday to Saturday, daytime rates (10 am–5 pm) within Paris are €1.06 per km (½ mile); nighttime rates (5 pm–midnight) are €1.27 per km. On Sunday, you’ll pay €1.58 per km from midnight to 7 am and €1.30 from 7 am to midnight within Paris. Thanks to competition from ride-hailing services like Uber, the once unpredictable rates that official taxes charged to and from the airports into Paris are now fixed, and drivers are obligated to accept credit cards. Pay a flat €50 to and from Charles de Gaulle/Roissy for the Right Bank, €55 for the Left Bank; to and from Orly, pay €30 for Left Bank and €35 for Right Bank. There's a basic hire charge of €2.60 for all rides (excluding flat fares), and a minimum fare of €7. Waiting time is charged at €35 per hour. The easiest way to get a taxi is to ask your hotel or a restaurant to call one for you (you may be charged a reservation supplement of €4–€7). Order one yourself with the handy app by Taxi G7, or find a taxi stand, which is marked by a square, dark-blue sign with a white "T" in the middle. A taxi is available when the roof sign is lighted green and taken when it’s lighted red. It's customary, but not obligatory, to tip up to 5% .

Uber and other ride-sharing services you order via an app on your smartphone have reshaped the transportation landscape in Paris, making rides easier to get and usually cheaper. Plus, the cash-free system—the app is linked to your credit card—makes using them a breeze. They remain controversial and extremely unpopular with traditional taxi drivers who resent the competition. Despite legal challenges, they have been allowed to operate with restrictions. The Uber app works worldwide, wherever the service is available, including to and from both CDG and Orly airports, though you'll need to ensure your smartphone works upon arrival in order to use it. Other options include Chauffeur Privé and Taxify. Download the apps to compare prices before you book.

Taxi Companies

Alpha Taxis. 01–45–85–85–85;

Taxis G7. 01–41–27–66–99; 3607;

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