Paris's hyped boîtes de nuit—more often referred to as simply boîtes (nightclubs)—tend to be expensive and exclusive. If you're friends with a regular or relatively famous, you'll have an easier time getting through the door. Cover charges at some can be upwards of €25, with drinks at the bar starting at €10 for a beer. Others are free to enter, but getting past the doorman can still be problematic. Locals looking to dance generally stick to the more laid-back clubs, where the cover ranges from free (usually on slower weekdays) to €20, and the emphasis is on the dancing, music, and offbeat atmosphere (think on a barge or under a bridge). Club popularity depends on the night or event, as Parisians are more loyal to certain DJs than venues and often hit two or three spots before ending up at one of the many after-parties, which can last until noon the next day.

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