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19 Places to Drink Excellent Coffee in Paris

“This is—excusez-moi—a damn fine cup of coffee.”

Paris is famous for its cafés, but somewhat ironically, the city hasn’t historically been known for its coffee quality. A simple espresso in most Parisian cafés often runs the gamut from watery to bitter to grainy. Luckily, the past decade has brought a coffee revolution to the capital, and a host of delicious coffee spots—many boasting that quintessential Parisian charm—await.

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La Caféothèque

This roaster overlooking the River Seine was one of the very first to bring great coffee to Paris back in 2005. The place to go for coffee geeks, La Caféothèque boasts a variety of origins and roasts to sample. Pick a spot in one of three bright dining rooms and choose your brew and your method: Chemex, V60, Aeropress—the sky’s the limit

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Le Quartier Général de Belleville Brulerie

Belleville Brûlerie is a specialty roaster in Paris supplying its signature roasts to a variety of Paris’ top coffee shops and cafés. At Le Quartier Général, Belleville’s hub, customers can taste these blends prepared by an expert barista and bring home the beans that they like the best.

INSIDER TIPBelleville has several other shops like this throughout the city, including one in the Upper Marais.


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Fontaine de Belleville

The team from Belleville Brûlerie opened La Fontaine de Belleville with the goal of revisiting the classic Parisian café with quality in mind. Boasting top-notch ingredients in everything from its croque monsieur to its house-made hot chocolate, the Fontaine de Belleville is the perfect spot for anyone looking for a classic Parisian ambiance and excellent coffee.

INSIDER TIPEvery Saturday evening from 4:30 p.m. on, the Fontaine de Belleville hosts jazz nights: the perfect excuse to swap out your coffee for a craft beer or retro cocktail and enjoy a planche of artisanal cheese and charcuterie.


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A Parisian roaster with an Australian flair, Lomi not only supplies a variety of Parisian cafés and restaurants with their excellent coffee, but it also boasts a coffee shop in the Goutte d’Or neighborhood of the 18th arrondissement. Here, exposed beams and brick evoke a Brooklyn-esque sensibility, and locals have quickly made it their home away from home.

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Boot Café

This Instagrammable shop gets its name from a previous life as a cobbler’s. Another shop boasting beans from Belleville, Boot is as small as you’d expect it to be given its background. As such, it’s not the best place for lingering, but the coffee quality and cute-factor have certainly made it a local fave.

INSIDER TIPThe owners of Boot recently opened a slightly larger Left Bank outpost with a tiny lunch menu heavy on plant-based flavors.


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Ten Belles

This shop just off the trendy Canal Saint-Martin offers coffee with an Aussie accent—the place to come for flat whites, scones, and more. Boasting several tables on an upstairs mezzanine, this shop is perfect for people-watching, and the lunchtime cheese toasties and lemon cake are the perfect foods to enjoy alongside a cup of exquisite filter coffee.

INSIDER TIPThe bread at Ten Belles comes from the team’s bakery, which also supplies a number of Paris’ trendiest restaurants.


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With a name inspired by the Fab Four, Ob-la-Di is a small and stylish spot for great coffee (made with Lomi beans) and tons of vegan-friendly dishes and baked goods. Super popular among Anglophones, Ob-la-Di is the place to go for homesick wanderers in the trendy Upper Marais.

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This coffee shop highlights craftsmanship and artistry in everything from coffee to food to photography—American owner Jeff Hargrove’s first love. The lunch menu’s tartines boast a Danish flair, with flavor combos like salmon-apple-cream cheese and strawberry-asparagus. Desserts are decidedly American, including quick breads and flourless chocolate cake.

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République of Coffee

This coffee spot overlooking Place de la République is known for its fanciful lattes, including some that, despite the name of the restaurant, contain no coffee at all: a sweet and spiced golden milk; a deep, dark charcoal latte spiked with vanilla. This is also one of the neighborhood’s top brunch spots, with French-accented versions of Mexican and Tex-Mex classics like huevos rancheros or quesadillas.

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Café Loustic

Londoner Channa Galhenage has created the caffeinated version of Cheers with Café Loustic, an espresso bar where everybody knows your name—and wants to chat. The colorful design from Dorothée Meilichzon adds a slightly retro flair, and the coffee, of course, is excellent, roasted by Belgian roasters Caffènation and prepared on a Marzocco machine.

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Opened in 2012, Téléscope is a veteran of the Paris coffee scene, the original home of several baristas and coffee shop owners who have now forged out on their own. With a focus that is far more dedicated to coffee than many other shops that have branched into brunch, Téléscope offers perfectly pulled espressos with a smile.

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Coutume Babylone

Coutume’s massive 7th arrondissement shop is a temple to great coffee, with an extensive menu and knowledgeable baristas serving a host of extraction methods from V60 to Chemex to AeroPress. Flying in the face of the trend of combining coffee and co-working, Coutume has a strict no-computer policy. Instead, enjoy a full brunch and lunch menu with choices like grilled mackerel, brunch egg plates, or seasonal open-faced sandwiches.

INSIDER TIPCoutume has several other shops throughout the city.


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Shakespeare and Company Café

George Whitman, the original owner of the now-famous Shakespeare and Company bookshop overlooking Notre Dame, always intended to have an adjoining coffee shop, and in 2015, his daughter Sylvia finally made her father’s dream a reality. This café has tons of outdoor seating space with views of the famous cathedral and boasts a largely vegetarian menu from Bob’s Bake Shop that includes Whitman’s favorite lemon pie.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Le Peloton Cafe, Paris
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Le Peloton

This teeny coffee shop boasts a decidedly Anglophone vibe with friendly, talented baristas, great music, and excellent food including light, crispy waffles (both savory and sweet!) and homemade cakes. The bike theme from the shop’s name translates to its décor, and it’s no surprise: this café is owned by the team behind Bike About Tours.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Le Barbouquin
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Le Barbouquin

This Belleville café’s name contains a clever play on words: bouquin is French slang for “book,” and the reason why will be obvious the moment you walk in. Books line the walls of this cozy space, where you can enjoy tasty coffee, baked goods, salads, Buddha bowls, and more.

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It’s a toss-up as to whether Fragments is better known for its coffee or its homemade brunch, featuring a delicious avocado toast, cakes, granola, salads, soups, and more. On the coffee side of things, a variety of beans sourced from local roasters including Belleville and Coutume are used in exquisitely pulled espressos and filter coffees.

INSIDER TIPThe team from Fragments recently opened Circus Bakery across the river, boasting house-made cinnamon buns and delicious sourdough pizzas.


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Café Kitsuné

This Franco-Japanese coffee shop in the heart of Fashion Week fave Palais Royal is one of the hippest addresses for Brazilian-sourced, London-roasted coffee, delicious matcha lattes, and moist and tender carrot cake. A minimalist design echoes the brand aesthetic (speaking of which, you can pick up Kitsuné shirts, bags, and more at this location in addition to your caffeine hit).

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This cozy 10th arrondissement café with a Nordic vibe is as well-known for its brunch as it is for its coffee. An open bar-style kitchen allows you to watch cooks concoct copious plates of shakshuka eggs, massive open-face tartines, slabs of quiche. A special espresso blend from Lomi seals the deal.

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This Australian-style coffee shop affords a bright, cheery interior forever decorated with bright flowers. Delicious specialty coffee from British Round Hill Roastery is served alongside a variety of sweet and savory options: homemade cakes, sourdough crumpet sandwiches, or stellar corn fritters with avocado and poached egg.