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How to Tip in France

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There is nothing more vexing than trying to figure out who to tip, how much, and when—especially when you're in a foreign country. You’ll come face to face with employees at airports, train stations, hotels, restaurants, and cafés. Do you have to tip everyone? What about shuttle bus drivers, tour guides, and bellmen? The next time your travels take you to Paris or elsewhere in France, rely on the following guidelines. Below, you'll also find a handy cheat sheet that will prevent you from ever tipping too much or too little again.

At the airport or train station: You should tip anyone who helps you with your bags. Giving €1 to €2 per bag is sufficient. The same guidelines apply when taking a shuttle bus around the airport or to your car rental counter. When the valet brings your car to you, you should hand over €1 or €2.

At hotels: The bellhop who carries your luggage to your room should get €1 to €2 for each bag. You should give your maid €1 to €2 every morning, and room service waiters should get €1 to €3 despite service charges. You don’t need to tip the concierge for simple questions like directions to restaurants or sights, but you should give €5 to €15 for more involved requests, like securing hard-to-get restaurant reservations or sold-out show tickets. Doormen should be given €1 to €2 if they hail you a taxi.

Taxi drivers: A good tip for taxi drivers is 10 percent of the fare.

At restaurants: You should tip waiters and waitresses €1 to €3 at a casual eatery or 5 percent of the bill for a fancier spot. For those more expensive restaurants, you should tip restroom attendants and coat-check personnel up to €1. Bartenders should recieve €1 to €4 per round, depending on the amount of drinks ordered.

Tour guides: All tour guides should receive 10 percent of the tour price.

France Tipping Guidelines