Festivals and Pardons

It has been said that there are as many Breton saints as there are stones in the ground. One of the great attractions of Brittany, therefore, remains its many festivals, pardons (religious processions), and folklore events. Banners and saintly statues are borne in colorful parades, accompanied by hymns, and the events are often capped by a feast. In February, the great Pardon de Terre-Neuve takes place at St-Malo. Nantes prepares for Easter with a pre-Lenten carnival procession, and then follows up in June with a ceremonial Feux de Saint-Jean (bonfire honoring St. John). July sees Quimper's Celtic Festival de Cornouaille, while August brings Pont-Aven's Festival of the Golden Gorse and a big pardon in Ste-Anne-la-Palud. Another pardon held in Le Folgoët during September is one of the most extraordinary, with flocks of bishops, Bretons in traditional costumes, and devout pilgrims.

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