Best Places for Family Vacations in Europe

Traveling well with children requires preparation and patience, but it also helps if you're traveling to a kid-friendly destination. Look for the Scottish city of St. Andrews, Germany's Bavarian Alps, and The Dolomites in Italy among the top family-friendly vacation spots rated by Fodor's travelers. Read on for a list of Europe's best places to travel with kids.

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    St. Andrews »

    St. Andrews

    It may have a ruined cathedral and a grand university—the oldest in Scotland—but the modern claim to fame for St. Andrews is mainly its status as the home of golf. Forget that Scottish kings were crowned here, or that John Knox preached here, or that... Read more

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    The Southwest »

    The Southwest

    Ever since Killarney was first "discovered" by William Thackeray and Sir Walter Scott, visitors have been searching for superlatives to describe the deep blue lakes, dark green forests, and purple mountainsides of this romantic region. While modern-day... Read more

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    Iceland »


    Iceland is one of the most dramatic natural spectacles on the planet. It is a land of dazzling white glaciers and black sands, blue hot springs, rugged lava fields, and green, green valleys. This North Atlantic island offers insight into the ferocious... Read more

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    Luxembourg City »

    Luxembourg City

    The capital, perched on a bluff at the confluence of the Pétrusse and Alzette rivers, goes by the same name as the country—Lëtzebuerg in Luxembourgish. When Luxembourgers themselves refer to visiting the capital, they merely say they are going en ville... Read more

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    İzmir »


    At first glance, Turkey’s third-largest city (formerly known as Smyrna) may seem modern and harsh—even the beautiful setting, between the Gulf of İzmir and the mountains, doesn’t soften some of the starkness of industrial districts and sprawling concrete... Read more

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    The Bavarian Alps »

    The Bavarian Alps

    Fir-clad mountains, rocky peaks, lederhosen, and geranium-covered houses: the Bavarian Alps come closest to what many of us envision as "Germany." Quaint towns full of frescoed half-timber houses covered in snow pop up among the mountain peaks and shimmering... Read more

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    Eastern Alps »

    Eastern Alps

    The whole Eastern Alps region is dramatic countryside, with breathtaking scenery and great winter sports opportunities. Here majestic peaks, many well over 9,750 feet, soar above slow-moving glaciers that give way to sweeping Alpine meadows ablaze with... Read more

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    The Peloponnese »

    Hanging like a large leaf from the stem of the Corinthian isthmus, the Peloponnese region of Greece has also been called Morea, which means mulberry leaf. This slight botanical variance is nothing compared to the bewildering variety of imposing ruins... Read more

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    Costa del Sol and Costa de Almería »

    Costa del Sol and Costa de Almería

    With roughly 320 days of sunshine a year, the Costa del Sol well deserves the nickname "the Sunshine Coast." It's no wonder much of the coast has been built up with resorts and high-rises. Don't despair, though; you can still find some classic Spanish... Read more

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    The Dolomites »

    The Dolomites

    The Dolomites, the inimitable craggy peaks Le Corbusier called "the most beautiful work of architecture ever seen," are never so arresting as at dusk, when the last rays of sun create a pink hue that languishes into purple—locals call this magnificent... Read more

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    Provence »


    Provence's azure skies, brilliant sunlight, and windswept landscapes have inspired artists like Cézanne and Van Gogh, as well as countless travelers. Medieval villages perch on hilltops between rolling vineyards, fragrant lavender fields, and craggy mountains... Read more

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    Stratford-upon-Avon and the Heart of England »

    Stratford-upon-Avon and the Heart of England

    The lyricism of England's geographical heartland is found in the remote, half-timber market towns of Herefordshire, Worcestershire, and Shropshire, and in the bucolic villages of Warwickshire. It melts away around the edges of Birmingham—England’s second... Read more

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    Salzburg »


    Art lovers call Salzburg the Golden City of High Baroque; historians refer to it as the Florence of the North or the German Rome; and music lovers know it as the birthplace of one of the world's most beloved composers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–91)... Read more

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    The Rhineland »

    The Rhineland

    The banks of the Rhine are crowned by magnificent castle after castle and by breathtaking, vine-terraced hills that provide the livelihood for many of the villages hugging the shores. In the words of French poet Victor Hugo, "The Rhine combines everything... Read more