To reach Stratford (100 miles), Birmingham (120 miles), Shrewsbury (160 miles), Ludlow (150 miles), and Chester (200 miles) from London, take the M40. For the farther areas, keep on it until it becomes the M42, then take the M6. From London, the M4 and then the A417 and A40 take you to Hereford in just under three hours. Driving can be difficult in the region's western reaches—especially in the hills and valleys west of Hereford, where steep, twisting roads often narrow down into mere trackways.

Around Stratford, one pleasure of this rural area is driving the smaller "B" roads, which lead deep into the countryside. Local bus services don't do Warwickshire justice—renting a car or taking a tour bus are the two best options, although trains serve the major towns.

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