Glenlyn Guest House

6 Woodside Park Rd., London, ,, N12 8RP, England

Toby Orton

If being located in the heart of London is of secondary concern behind finding a budget hotel, then the Glenlyn Guest House could suit you. Despite its location way out in Finchley, the hotel has its benefits. Rooms in the handsome Victorian terrace hotel are well priced, the local area is more relaxed than the hectic bustle of central. The large, leafy garden is a huge plus for the hotel during the summer months.

YOU SHOULD KNOW Better suited to business travelers and those with specific reasons to locate so far out of the city. Despite the ease of reaching the sights of Central London, the journey is long at around 30 minutes—‘commute’ is never a word you want to have to associate with a city vacation.


If you want to pay £100 a night for a room then options in London are slim pickings, which makes Glenlyn Guest House all the more attractive. The bedrooms are simple with cleanliness and comfort trumping décor in the spacious guest rooms. Not the warmest of spaces, they’re inoffensive and do the job.

Twins and family rooms are available for groups that divert from the usual couples and singles. The hotel also runs three separate apartments close to the main hotel.


Forget sterile white tiles, the bathrooms are the type you might find in your own home, a positive that lends them a homely kind of appeal. Each room has its own private bathroom.


A small reception area is used for check-ins and not much else.


A full English or continental breakfast is served in the huge dining room which has great views out over the garden. In summer, guests can take their morning meal outside on the patio overlooking the impressive fauna, an option few central hotels can provide.


The small bar is something akin to those old-fashioned spaces you find in the depths of London’s old theaters, making it feel either tired and trad or delightfully quaint, depending on your viewpoint.


Getting Around

Unless you have specific business in Finchley, most will be leaving often for more exotic areas of London. The most convenient way to get around is by Tube from Woodside Park Station. The Northern Line runs into central London in around 30 minutes and trains leave every five minutes.


Istanbul Restaurant (3-minute walk) serves authentic Turkish food, while a nearby branch of mega chain Pizza Express (20-minute walk) can offer a solid meal you can trust.


If you don’t want to travel then try The Bohemia (4-minute walk), a brew pub with a spacious industrial interior that’s easily one of the most interesting bars in this part of Finchley. A ‘real’ pub with live sports and an open fire, The Elephant Inn (10-minute walk) is a good bet for a quiet evening drink.


Staff are warm and friendly and seem happy to have you, which is often not the case in budget hotels. Rooms are comfortable and super cheap so if you don’t mind the travelling then Glenlyn Guest House is a bargain base in North London.


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Phones: 020-8445–0440

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