All hotels listed have private baths unless otherwise noted. Many Danes prefer a shower to a bath, so if you particularly want a bath, ask for it—and be prepared to pay more. Older hotels may have rooms described as "double," which in fact have one double bed plus one foldout sofa big enough for two people.

Two things about hotels usually surprise North Americans: the small size of Scandinavian beds and the generous size of Scandinavian breakfasts. Scandinavian double beds are often about 60 inches wide or slightly less, close in size to the US queen size. King-size beds (72 inches wide) are difficult to find and, if available, require special reservations. Breakfast, on the other hand, which is normally included in hotel rates, consists of a huge buffet of meats, cheeses, fish, marmalade, etc., and is enough to satisfy the heartiest of appetites.

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