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Learn the secret of happiness. Study after study has, in recent years, proclaimed Danes to be the world's happiest people. What's the secret behind such record-breaking contentment? Perhaps it's the free health care and education or the five weeks of vacation annually. Or it might just be a hedonistic Viking approach to life that involves consuming extraordinary quantities of candy and beer.

Bask in the late-day sun. At the height of summer, when daylight extends beyond the 17th hour, Danes make the most of it by sitting outdoors with blankets, snacks, and good friends. Even after the sun has set, darkness never entirely envelops the land, so these get-togethers often continue into the wee hours.

Immerse yourself in design. Although several Danish design classics might seem better suited for a James Bond movie set than a domestic interior, many of these signature designs are subtly incorporated into everyday life. Pay attention to your surroundings: it's quite possible that the local restaurant's cutlery or that comfortable chair in the hotel lobby is included in museum collections worldwide.

Take a leisurely stroll. Rain or shine, boots and umbrellas or sunglasses, Denmark is a lovely place to take in on foot. Roam the narrow cobblestone streets, harbor fronts, and neatly trimmed parks and gardens, noticing signature sights along the way. Denmark is very flat, so no steep climbs await you.

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