Saving Money in Denmark

As expensive as it is, Denmark is in many ways less pricey than the rest of Scandinavia. That said, read on for ways you can save money on a trip here.

Air Travel

SAS Visit Scandinavia/Europe Air Pass can save you some money, depending on routing and destination, and are valid for destinations within Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland; and for flights from there to certain European countries. They're sold only to non-Europeans. You must buy the coupons in conjunction with transatlantic flights, and you can use them year-round for a maximum of three months.

Ground Transportation

Eurail Denmark and Eurail Scandinavia passes also get you discounts on private train lines, ferries, and select museums. Eurail is only available for non-Europeans and can be bought online in advance of your trip. A Eurail Denmark Pass is available for three or seven days of travel within a month ($99 and $149). Eurail Scandinavia Pass affords 4 to 10 days of travel within 60 days ($369–$569). All prices are for second-class travel.


Ask a travel agent about discounts, including summer hotel checks for Best Western and Scandic. Most countries also offer summer bargains for foreign tourists; winter bargains can be even greater.

Look for hotels that include breakfast and discounted weekend rates. Although it's wise to reserve two months in advance, last-minute (i.e., same-day) rooms booked at a tourist office can lead to savings of up to 50%.

Scandinavian countries offer Hotel and Inn Cheques, or prepaid vouchers, for everything from luxe hotels to country cottages. These vouchers, which you can buy from travel agents or online from Danske Kroer & Hoteller or ProSkandinavia, are sold individually and in packets and offer savings of up to 50%. Breakfast is usually included when using them. Be sure to mention that you'll be paying with these vouchers when you reserve.

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