Tennis is one of the favorite local sports, but the national passion remains at a simmer instead of a rolling boil. The best-known Czech players have been Ivan Lendl and, by ethnicity at least, Martina Navratilova. But there is a crop of younger players out there trying to crowd into the top 10. Prague is blessed with several public tennis courts; most are cinder or clay surface.

Česky Lawn Tennis Klub. Some of the city's best tennis courts can be found right next door to the tennis stadium, Česky Lawn Tennis Klub, which in its time has hosted ATP events. Open to the public for 310–660 Kč per hour are 10 outdoor courts and 6 indoor courts, all hard surface or clay, despite the name. Ostrov Štvanice 38, Holešovice, Prague, Praha. 222–316–317;

SK Hradčany. At SK Hradčany outdoor courts cost 180–255 Kč per hour. Diskařská 1, Hradcany, Prague, Praha. 603–509–950;