Much of the Czech Republic is a cyclist's dream of gently sloping tracks for pedalers. The capital, however, can be unkind to bicyclers. Prague’s ubiquitous tram tracks and cobblestones make for hazardous conditions—as do the legions of tourist groups clogging the streets. Nevertheless, cycling is increasingly popular, and there are now several adequate yellow-marked cycling trails that crisscross the city. From April to October two bike-rental companies provide decent bikes—as well as locks, helmets, and maps.

City Bike. City Bike runs guided tours leaving at 10:30, 1:30, and 4:30. Your English-speaking guides offer fun tidbits of history and point out architecture, but do not offer a full tour. The ride's pace is comfortable for those who haven't taken a spin in a while. Be warned, Prague is not a bike-friendly city. Králodvorská 5, Staré Mesto, Prague, Praha. 776–180–284;

Praha Bike. One of the multicultural teams from Praha Bike can casually guide you around several routes. The "classic" and "panoramic" are the most popular. There are also beer-garden and pub tours, a ride out of Prague to Karlštejn, and night tours. Dlouhá 24, Staré Mesto, Prague, Praha. 732–388–880;