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Best Western City Hotel Moran

Na Moráni 15, , , , , Prague, Praha 120 00, Czech Republic

This attractive renovated 19th-century town house is a comfortable choice for those who want consistency in the quality of their accommodation. A bright, inviting lobby leads to equally bright, well-maintained rooms, with some good views of Prague Castle if you're on an upper floor. The location is just the other side of New Town, allowing for easy access to some of Prague's second-tier attractions (which would still be top-tier in many of Europe's capitals), such as Vyšehrad castle.


Rooms are pretty standard, with cream or mint green curtains and white bedding, and all have televisions and fridges. Other amenities are as you expect, alongside free local calls if they are kept under 30 minutes.


Bathrooms are white, with new-ish appliances--including bath-tubs--and clean.


The wood, tile, and dark-green chair reception has a certain old-fashioned charm.

YOU SHOULD KNOW Staff are welcoming but sometimes not as fluent in English as at some of Prague's other hotels.


There's no pool at the hotel, but here's an insider tip: on a sunny day, you are a 35-minute walk along the river (or a 14-minute tram--get the Nos. 2 or 3 from Palackého náměstí to Kublov) from the gorgeous Podoli open-air swimming pool.


A fairly average breakfast is included although there aren't a lot of options for veggies (fruit salad is about the sum of it). The hotel also has an on-site restaurant.

YOU SHOULD KNOW While you could eat at the hotel, you'd do better to get lunch and dinner outside--there are plenty of options nearby or in the center.


The hotel has a coffee shop, but not really a bar. Get your drinks at one of the nearby pubs to soak up the real Prague scene.


Getting Around

The hotel is well served by various tram lines and tram stops. It's a quick drive in a taxi to the main sights, or you are also close to Karlovo náměstí Metro stop.


Treat yourself at Ginger & Fred (6-minute walk), the stunning restaurant on top of the nearby Dancing House. Or Cafe Slavia (15-minute walk) offers an old-school slice of Czech cafe culture--alongside your slice of cake, that is.


Pivovar Národní (14-minute walk) near the National Theater is a new-ish entrant to Prague's brewery scene. It has a large, pleasant beer garden despite its central location. The hotel is also close to trendy riverside drinking scene Náplavka (8-minute walk).


It won't break any records, but it also won't break the bank. The Best Western City Hotel Moran is a reliable, clean and bright hotel that's still walking distance from most of the main sights of the city, if you're prepared to walk a touch further than at some of the other hotels. The location close to the river also allows for easy access to one of the coolest spots in Prague in summer, Náplavka.


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Phones: -224–915–208

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