You can find taxi ranks in front of the bus and train stations, near the main square of Ban Jelačić, and often in front of large hotels. Several companies are available, including Radio Taxi, Eko Taxi, and Taxi Cammeo. It is also possible to order a taxi, or request your hotel order one for you. All drivers are bound by law to run a meter—but this doesn't necessarily mean they will unless you ask—and the price can vary from 10 Kn for a fixed start fee and from 3 Kn per km. You can also order Uber and Bolt within the city, and to and from the airport, as well. Most companies have the same prices for day and night riding, as well as for rides on Sundays and holidays. Most companies do not charge for luggage.


Eko Taxi. Vodovodna 20a, Zagreb, Grad Zagreb. 01/549–9474;

Radio Taxi. Božidara Magovca 55, 10000. 16/600–671;

Taxi Cammeo. Radnička cesta 27, Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, 10000. 01/1212–211;

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