Bus and Tram

An extensive network of city buses and trams—almost exclusively trams within the town center—runs 24 hours a day, with less frequent night service starting at approximately 11:30 pm and lasting until 5:30 am. Tickets for 4 Kn last in any direction for 30 minutes, 10 Kn for 90 minutes in any direction, and 15 Kn for a night-service ride. A full-day ticket (30 Kn), available at some kiosks, is valid until 4 am the next morning. As an alternative, you can buy the Zagreb Card for 98 Kn; this covers public transport within the city limits for 24 hours and offers substantial discounts at various museums and other cultural venues (for 72 hours, it's 135 Kn). After you board the bus or tram, you must validate your ticket with a time stamp (little yellow machines located only in the first and last cars of each tram). If you are caught without a valid ticket, you will be fined a minimum of 250 Kn, payable on the spot.


ZET. Ozaljska 105, Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, 10000. 13/651–555; www.zet.hr.

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