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It's a fact of life that Zagreb doesn't get the same sort of tourist traffic as the coast, so the region's major hotels have gone to great lengths since the end of the Yugoslav war to cater to business travelers. Although this trend has yielded a spate of impressive renovations (some still ongoing or planned as of this writing), it has also driven prices up considerably. Rates of €100 or (much) more for a double room are not uncommon in central Zagreb's largest hotels, though a 10- to 20-minute walk or short tram ride from downtown will bring you to comfortable, modern pensions for considerably less. You have to go to smaller towns or to the countryside to get cheaper options, though some private rooms and agritourism-style accommodations are quite affordable. Regardless of the price range, Croatian hotels often count two single beds pushed together as a double bed. If it's important to you, be sure to ask if they have rooms with a double mattress.

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