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Flying time from London to Zagreb is 2 hours 30 minutes, from Prague to Zagreb it is 90 minutes, and from Warsaw it is 1 hour 40 minutes.

Flying time from Bratislava to Dubrovnik is 85 minutes and from Budapest to Dubrovnik is 75 minutes.

Domestic air tickets in Croatia are best purchased online. Airports in both countries have offices for the national airlines (Croatian Airlines in Croatia), but their opening hours are unreliable, and attempting to purchase a ticket at the airport may backfire. The national airline also has a usable website where e-tickets can be purchased.

Skyscanner. A flight comparison website that searches all airlines, destinations, and dates.


There are airports in Dubrovnik (DBV), Osijek (OSI), Pula (PUY), Rijeka (RJK), Split (SPU), Zadar (ZAD), and Zagreb (ZAG). You can fly direct to all of them year-round from international destinations, although in winter most international flights go to Zagreb.


Dubrovnik Airport. 020/773–100;

Osijek Airport. 031/284–611;

Pula Airport. 060/308–308;

Rijeka Airport. 051/841–222;

Split Airport. 021/203–555;

Zadar Airport. 023/205–800;

Zagreb Airport. 060/320–320;

Ground Transportation

Ground transportation to major cities from airports in Croatia is well organized and user-friendly; shuttle buses and taxis operate at most airports all year long.


Atlas. Atlas offers a transfer service to and from all Croatian airports. They also operate a shuttle bus to and from Dubrovnik Airport. 12/415–611;

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