Guided Tours

Although any taxi driver in Trinidad or Tobago can take visitors to the major attractions, using a tour company often makes for a more leisurely and educational adventure. Tour operators are also more mindful of the sensitivities of tourists and are much less likely to subject passengers to breakneck speeds and "creative" driving.

Banwari Experience. Andrew Welch and his knowledgeable staff have numerous, customizable tour packages to serve your needs in T&T. They specialize in cultural experiences that immerse you in island customs, history, nature, and most of all food. A number of their tours reveal the best-kept secrets in Trinidad's dining scene. Mr. Welch has friends all over the island, and these friends are some of Trinidad's best chefs, artists, and adventurers. Individual and group tours as well as family packages are available, all at reasonable rates. Bourg Mulatresse, Santa Cruz, Trinidad. 868/675–1619; 868/681–2393;

Caribbean Discovery Tours Ltd.. Stephen Broadbridge's tours are completely personalized and can include both on- and offshore activities. Tours can range from the strenuous to the leisurely, with prices based on the duration of the expedition and the number of participants. 9B Fondes Amandes, St. Ann's, Trinidad. 868/620–1989; 868/624–7281;

Kalloo's. Tours from Kalloo's include a fascinating three-hour tour of Port of Spain as well as an overnight tour devoted to turtle-watching. Piarco International Airport, Piarco, Trinidad. 868/669–5673; 868/622–9073;

Sensational Tours & Transport. One of the best choices for island tours. Easygoing owner Gerard Nicholas worked for the tourist board for many years and knows the island intimately. Tour prices are reasonable, too. 47 Reservoir Rd., La Pastora, Santa Cruz, Trinidad. 868/702–4129; 868/315–3652.

Wow Expeditions. Affable environmental advocate Marc Laurent de Verteuil has been fighting to protect T&T's environment for years. He now offers tours of all areas of the country, the wider Caribbean, and nearby Venezuela. His two-day turtle-watching expedition in Trinidad includes lodging and meals. Thankfully, Marc proves that exploring the wild side doesn't necessarily always mean roughing it. Trinidad. 868/310--9099;

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