Cruise Travel to Bequia

Cruise ships that call on Bequia anchor offshore in Admiralty Bay and tender passengers to the jetty in Port Elizabeth or to nearby beaches. Although it's the capital of Bequia, Port Elizabeth is a tiny waterfront town that is only a few blocks long and one block deep. A tourist information booth is on the jetty, shops and restaurants face the bay, and taxis are always lined up under the almond trees to meet passengers arriving via either cruise ship or the St. Vincent–Bequia ferry, which docks alongside the jetty. Water taxis are available for transportation between the jetty and nearby beaches for about $6 (EC$15) per person each way, but keep in mind that most of these operators are not regulated; ride at your own risk.

To see the views, villages, beaches, and other places of interest in Bequia, the best bet is to hire a taxi. Most taxis are pickup trucks, with a covered bed that is fitted with seating for four or six people. The driver will show you the sights in a couple of hours, point out a place for lunch, and (if you wish) drop you at a beach for swimming and snorkeling and pick you up later on. Negotiate the fare in advance, but expect to pay about $30 per hour for the tour. A rental car will cost about $55 per day and, unless you already have an international driver's license, requires a temporary local permit—available for $24 at the Revenue Office in Port Elizabeth.

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