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Car rental is available on St. Vincent, Bequia, and Mustique. Rental cars in St. Vincent and Bequia cost about $55 to $85 per day or $300 to $400 a week. Unless you already have an international driver's license, you'll need to buy a temporary driving permit for $24 (EC$65), valid for six months. To get one, present your valid driver's license at the police station on Bay Street or the Licensing Authority on Halifax Street, both in Kingstown, on St. Vincent, or at the Revenue Office in Port Elizabeth, Bequia. If you're planning an extended stay on St. Vincent and expect to travel frequently between Kingstown and, say, the Villa Beach area, a rental car might be useful—although both taxis and buses are inexpensive and readily available. On Bequia, a rental car will be handy if you're staying for several days in a remote location—that is, anywhere beyond Port Elizabeth. On Mustique, you’ll get a kick out of driving around in a rented "mule" (beach buggy), which is stick shift only, carries 2 to 6 people, and will cost $75 to $95 per day; you'll pay about $125 per day for a four-passenger Jeep.

About 360 miles (580 km) of paved roads wind around St. Vincent's perimeter—except for a section in the far north with no road at all, which precludes a circle tour of the island. A few roads jut into the interior a few miles, and a single east–west road (through the Mesopotamia Valley) bisects the island.

Driving Tips: Roads in the country are often not wide enough for two cars to pass, and people (including schoolchildren), dogs, goats, and chickens often share the roadway with cars, minibuses, and trucks. Outside populated areas, roads can be bumpy and potholed; be sure your rental car has tire-changing equipment and a spare. Drive on the left, and honk your horn before you enter blind curves out in the countryside, where you'll encounter plenty of steep hills and hairpin turns.

Bequia Contacts

Bequia Jeep Rentals. Friendship, Bequia, VC0400. 784/458–3760;

Challenger Taxi Tours and Rentals. Belmont, Bequia, VC0400. 784/458–3811;

Mustique Contacts

Mustique Mechanical Services. Mustique Company, , Britannia Bay, Mustique, VC0410. 784/488–8555.

St. Vincent Contacts

Avis. E.T. Joshua International Airport, Arnos Vale, St. Vincent, VC0280. 784/456–6861;

Ben's Auto Rental. Arnos Vale, St. Vincent, VC0110. 784/456–2907.

David's Auto Clinic. Upper Sion Hill, Kingstown, St. Vincent, VC0110. 784/457–1116.

Star Garage. Grenville St., Kingstown, St. Vincent, VC0130. 784/456–1743.

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