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Taxi rates are government regulated and posted at the airport, the dock, and in the free tourist guide. Be sure to clarify whether the fare is in EC or U.S. dollars. There are fixed rates to and from all the hotels and to and from major points of interest.

Airport Transfers: On St. Kitts the fares from the airport range from EC$32 to Frigate Bay to EC$72 for the farthest point. From the airport on Nevis it's EC$27 to Nisbet Plantation, EC$54 to the Four Seasons, and EC$67 to Montpelier. There is a 50% surcharge between 10 pm and 6 am.


St. Kitts Taxi Association. 869/465–8487; 869/465–4253; 869/465–7818.

Nevis Taxi Service. Nevis Taxi Service provides taxi information for Nevis, but does not operate a fleet of taxis. 869/469–5631; 869/469–9790; 869/469–5515.

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