Diving and Snorkeling

The Devil's Caves make up a series of grottoes where divers can navigate tunnels, canyons, and underwater hot springs while viewing lobsters, sea fans, sponges, squirrelfish, and more. The village of Jamestown, which washed into the sea around Ft. Ashby, just south of Cades Bay, makes for superior snorkeling and diving. Reef-protected Pinney's Beach offers especially good snorkeling. Single-tank dives are usually $80, two-tank dives $100; packages provide deep discounts.

Scuba Safaris. This PADI five-star facility and NASDS Examining Station is staffed by experienced dive masters who offer everything from a resort course to full certification to nitrox. Their equipment is always state-of-the-art, including underwater scooters. It also provides a snorkeling learning experience that enables you not only to see but to listen to sea life, including whales and dolphins, as well as an exhilarating underwater scooter safari, night dives, and kids' bubble-makers. Oualie Beach, Nevis. 869/469–9518; www.divenevis.com.