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There are no direct flights to St. Barth. Most North Americans fly first into St. Maarten's Queen Juliana International Airport, from which the island is 10 minutes by air. Winair, which celebrated its 50th anniversary of service to St. Barth in 2013, has regularly scheduled flights from St. Maarten. Through Winair's affiliation with major airlines, you can check your luggage all the way from your home airport to St. Barth under certain circumstances. Tradewind Aviation has regularly scheduled service from San Juan and also does V.I.P charters. Anguilla Air Services and St. Barth Commuter have scheduled flights and also do charters. Leave ample time between your scheduled flight and your connection in St. Maarten: 90 minutes is the minimum recommended (and be aware that luggage frequently doesn't make the trip; your hotel or villa-rental company may be able to send someone to retrieve it). It's a good idea to pack a change of clothes, required medicines, and a bathing suit in your carry-on—or better yet, pack very light and don't check baggage at all.


Gustaf III Airport (SBH). St. Jean Rd., St-Jean, n/a St. Barthélemy. 0590/27–75–81.


St. Barth Commuter. 0590/27–54–54;

Tradewind Aviation. 203/267–3305;

Trans Anguilla Airways. 264/498–5922;

Winair. 0590/27–61–01; 866/466–0410;

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