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A temporary driver's license is required if you wish to drive on the island; you can get one for $20 at the police headquarters in Brades, which is open 24 hours on weekdays. You can rent Jeeps and cars for roughly $35–$50 per day. Even if you rent a car, you're best off hiring a local guide, who will know where the best views are—and which parts of the island are off-limits because of volcanic activity. Respect the signs and closed gates that indicate the Exclusion Zone boundaries; though the area formerly known as the Daytime Entry Zone is now open 24/7, you should avoid it at night.

Car-Rental Contacts

Montserrat Enterprises. Old Towne, St. Peter. 664/491–2431.

Yvette Lee's Agency. Olveston, St. Peter. 664/491–5270; 664/493–1947.

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