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Taxis, which are metered, are expensive, though you can try bargaining by offering to pay a flat rate to your destination or offering them an hourly rate—try for €40, but you may have to compromise at €50. Taxis generally charge substantially more at night and on Sunday.


J. Peloponese Taxis. J. Peloponese Taxis provides luxury service in new Mercedes-Benz cars. The taxis have meters but you can also arrange an hourly rate for touring. English-speaking, politeness, and patience are characteristics. 0696/25–61–02.

M. Martial Mercedes Taxis. Drivers of M. Martial Mercedes Taxis speak English, Spanish, and German as well as French. 0596/64–20–24; 0696/45–69–07.

Taxi de Place. At this government-designated stand, you will find some English-speaking drivers, lots of courtesy, and new SUVs. Rue Victoire sévre, Fort-de-France, n/a Martinique, 97220. 0696/31–91–05.

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