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Unless you are staying in Roseau or doing extensive guided tours, a car may be a necessity. Cabs can be very expensive. Daily car-rental rates begin at about $54 to $100 (weekly and long-term rates can be negotiated). A refundable US$1,200 deposit or credit card confirmation is required at the time of pickup. You'll need to buy a visitor's driving permit for $12 at one of the airports or at the Traffic Division office on High Street in Roseau or at vehicle-rental offices. Gasoline stations are all over the island; gas costs considerably more than in the United States. Driving in Dominica is on the left side, though you can rent vehicles with a steering wheel on either the left or the right.


Best Deal Rent-A-Car. 15 Hanover St., Roseau, St. George. 767/449–9204; 767/616–3325;

Courtesy Car Rental. There are two locations: one at Douglas-Charles Airport and one in the town of Roseau. They offer free pickup and drop-off service. 10 Winston La., Goodwill, St. George. 767/448–7763; 767/445–7677;

Island Car Rentals. Car rentals are available at both Canefield and Douglas-Charles Airport. Canefield Airport, Canefield Hwy., Canefield, St. Paul. 767/255–6844;

Road Runner Car Rental. At all of its non-Portsmouth locations, the reasonably priced Road Runner Car Rental will deliver and pick up cars at no charge. Canefield Airport, Canefield Hwy., Canefield, St. Paul. 767/275–5337;

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