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Modern, well-maintained tourist taxis with CUC meters congregate in front of hotels, transportation hubs, and major sights. Rates are affordable by North American and European standards. Metered cabs from the companies Havanatur, Cubataxi, and Taxi OK charge about CUC$5 for every 10 km (6 miles) traveled. Smaller yellow cabs that park at public areas in Havana and other large cities , charge fares in convertible pesos, about CUC$3 for a 10 km (6 mile) trip. Havana's and Varadero's cute little coco-taxis—three-wheeled motorcycles with round, yellow fiberglass shells—charge a bit more than yellow cabs but with an alarmingly high accident rate, we sadvise against using them. Unmetered taxis particulares (private cabs) aren't supposed to pick up tourists, but they will, and they tend to be inexpensive—determine the fare before you get in. Photogenic taxis colectivos, most of which are vintage American cars, aren't permitted to transport tourists, but they often will. The fare for these trips is officially CUC$0.50.


Cubataxi. 7855–5555.

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