Cuba is among the safest travel destinations. Sentences for committing crimes are heavy and police are quite visible. This said, take the same precautions you would elsewhere in Latin America or the Caribbean; keep a close eye on personal belongings. Avoid adorning yourself with expensive jewelry, and follow local advice about where it's safe to walk, particularly at night.

There are increasing numbers of jineteros (hustlers) wanting to serve as your guide or refer you to a casa particular or paladar and jineteras (prostitutes), especially in Havana; it's best to decline their services. Panhandlers looking for anything from cash to clothing to soap are also becoming more prevalent. If you consider the local economic conditions, it shouldn't be hard to remain polite and still keep confrontation to a minimum.

Government Advisories

The same warnings about travel during hurricane season elsewhere in the Caribbean apply to Cuba, which sees its fair share of storms almost every year. The U.S. Department of State also advises visitors to be aware that the Cuban government relies on repressive methods to maintain its governmental control. This includes physical or electronic surveillance of both Cuban and foreign visitors.

General Information and Warnings

U.S. Department of State.

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