Little Cayman Sports & Activities

Little Cayman is a recreational paradise on land and especially underwater, with world-class diving, light-tackle angling, and bird-watching the star attractions. Befitting an ecocentric destination, nature owns the island, and you're strictly cautioned about dos and don'ts. But lectures are given with a smile, and then you're free to explore this zoo without cages, and aquarium without tanks.


Little Cayman offers bountiful bird-watching, with more than 200 indigenous and migrant species on vibrant display, including red-footed boobies...

Diving and Snorkeling

A gaudy, voluptuous tumble of marine life—lumbering grouper to fleet guppies, massive manta rays to miniature wrasse, sharks to stingrays, blue...


Bloody Bay is equally celebrated for fishing and diving, and the flats and shallows including South Hole Sound Lagoon across from Owen Island...


Flat Little Cayman is better suited to biking, but there are a few jaunts, notably the Salt Rocks Nature Trail, where you pass ancient mule...


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