PHOTO: Round House Inn

The 5 Best Hotels in Barbados for Incredible Views

Jane Zarem | January 10, 2018

It’s not difficult to find a beautiful view on a Caribbean island—and Barbados is no different. The view from each of these five hotels, however, is something to write home about.

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Port St. Charles

Why it made the list

If you like boats, you’ll love this view. The villas at Port St. Charles face either a manmade lagoon or an ocean beach, and each villa has a berth for the owner’s (or guest’s) yacht. Sitting on the terrace or balcony watching the waterfront activity can be peaceful or fascinating but always interesting. Also, privately owned mega-yachts dock at the Port St. Charles Yacht Club, just beyond the beach; so when they cast off, it’s a sight to behold.

If you have a boat—or wish you had a boat—this villa communi Read More


Radisson Aquatica Resort Barbados

Why it made the list

This hotel has two things going for it in the “view department.” First, the view from any of the guestroom balconies is amazing—blue ocean as far as you can see, long views over the south coast, and eye-popping sunsets. Perhaps more fun for guests, though, is the rather astonishing view that early morning risers get to see. At about 5:30 a.m., horses from nearby Garrison Savannah Racetrack are brought to the Browne’s Beach, in front of the hotel, for daily exercise. Watching them swim and frolic in the sea is great fun, particularly for kids.

Guests have a panoramic ocean view from every room in this h Read More


The Crane

Why it made the list

This huge resort sits all by itself on a large piece of property on the southeast coast of Barbados. As a result, the panorama of Crane Beach’s pink crescent of sand, the surrounding cliffs, and the endless blue ocean is nothing short of riveting. Stand near the edge of the cliff on The Crane’s oceanfront lawn, let the breeze blow through your hair, and drink in the stunning view.

A historic (1887) hotel blends with a modern villa resort an Read More


Round House Inn

Why it made the list

Three of the four guestrooms in this remote inn, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, provide stunning views. But you don’t have to be an overnight guest for a close-up look at the raging sea. The vantage point from the restaurant’s outdoor deck is one reason people passing through stop here for lunch.

Innkeepers at this remote oceanfront manse, with only four g Read More


The Atlantis Hotel

Why it made the list

Several rooms at this chic inn on the rugged east coast face the ocean, and the view of crashing waves from the room’s “Juliet” balcony can be quite romantic. The dining room overlooks the ocean, too, so the daytime view of the constantly changing sea is quite spectacular.

Renowned for its spectacular oceanfront location, this hotel Read More

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