South Long Island: Deadman's Cay to Gordon's

The most populated area on the island is Deadman's Cay. This umbrella central settlement covers all the communities stretching from Gray's to the north to Scrub Hill, and is the social, economic, and educational center of the island. The Deadman's Cay Airport is in Lower Deadman's Cay and the infamous Max's Conch Bar is only a short distance to the south. Shops, restaurants, and bars dot this area, along with amazing views of the Bahamas Banks.

Past Scrub Hill is Dean's Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world. Free-diving contests, without use of any breathing apparatus, are held here each year, and divers come from all over the world to challenge the record. Fantastic snorkeling can be had around the blue hole's edges.

Clarence Town is the capital of Long Island and home to the Flying Fish Marina in one of the prettiest and safest harbors in the Out Islands. Situated at the top of the highest hills in town are the twin-towered Moorish style churches of St. Paul's and St. Peter's, designed by Father Jerome. Clarence Town is the last large settlement on the south end of the island.

South of Clarence Town you will find Galloway Landing, a long stretch of amazing beaches and saltwater canals dug into the limestone hills by the now defunct Diamond Salt Mine. From here to Gordon's is the most undeveloped stretch of the island. Plantation ruins are at Dunmone's, secluded beaches at Ford's, and the incredible pink flamingos at Gordon's along with the biggest assortment of sea glass.

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