South of Marsh Harbour

Thirty minutes south of Marsh Harbour, the small, eclectic artists' colony of Little Harbour was settled by the Johnston family more than 50 years ago. Randolph Johnston moved his family here to escape the consumerist, hectic lifestyle he felt in the United States and to pursue a simple life where he and his wife could focus on their art. The family is well known for their bronze sculptures, some commissioned nationally.

Just to the south of Little Harbour is the seaside settlement of Cherokee Sound, home to fewer than 100 families. Most of the residents make their living catching crawfish or working in the growing tourism industry; many lead offshore fishing and bonefishing expeditions. The deserted Atlantic beaches and serene salt marshes in this area are breathtaking, and though development at Winding Bay and Little Harbour are progressing, the slow-paced, tranquil feel of daily life here hasn't changed. Schooner Bay is a new, by-design village just a bit farther south. Initially intended as a living, breathing community, it has turned into more of a second home and vacation destination, but it maintains that quaint island village feel. Sandy Point, a "takin' it easy, mon" fishing village with miles of beckoning beaches and a couple of bonefishing lodges, is slightly more than 50 miles southwest of Marsh Harbour, about a 40-minute drive from Cherokee.

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