Grand Bahama Island Dive Sites

A horseshoe-shaped ledge overlooks Ben's Blue Hole, which lies in 40 to 60 feet of water. Certified cavern divers can further explore the depths of the cave with guided groups from UNEXSO or Calabash Adventure Tours. Otherwise, interested visitors can view it aboveground when visiting the Lucayan National Park.

For moderately experienced divers, Pygmy Caves provides a formation of overgrown ledges that cut into the reef. The high- profile corals here form small caves, but one would have to be as small as a pygmy to swim through them!

One of Grand Bahama Island's signature dive sites, made famous by the UNEXSO dive operation, Shark Junction is a 45-foot dive where 4- to 6-foot reef sharks hang out, along with moray eels, stingrays, nurse sharks, and grouper. UNEXSO provides orientation and a shark feeding with its dives here.

Spid City has an aircraft wreck, dramatic coral formations, blue parrot fish, and an occasional shark. You'll dive about 40 to 60 feet down.

For divers with some experience, Theo's Wreck, a 228-foot cement hauler, was sunk in 1982 in100 feet of water, and was the site for the 1993 Imax film Flight of the Aquanaut.

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