North Andros

The northern part of Andros spreads from the settlements of Morgan's Bluff, Nicholl's Town, and Red Bays and ends at Stafford Creek. North Andros consists of long stretches of pine forests, limestone bluffs, and fields and gardens of ground crops. Seminole Indians, American slaves, and Mennonites settled this land along with the West Indian population. White-sand beaches, mostly deserted, line the island's eastern face, interrupted by creeks, inlets, and rock outcroppings. Logging supported North Andros in the ’40s and ’50s, and laid the foundation for its roads.

San Andros is home to North Andros's airport, but Nicholl's Town is the port and largest settlement here and in all of Andros. Once home to a vogue resort in the 1960s (Andros Beach Hotel), today it is mostly residential, inhabited in part by snowbirds who own the adorable Bahamian-style, brightly painted cottages that were once part of the iconic resort. Visitors driving from Central Andros should expect a bit of a wild ride, as the main highway is riddled with potholes. North of the airport, the road is good. But don’t worry about traffic; you’ll be lucky if you see more than 20 vehicles on the highway in a single day.

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