South Andros

South Andros's road stretches 25 miles from Drigg's Hill—a small settlement of pastel houses, a tiny church, a grocery store, the government dock, and the Emerald Palms Resort—to Mars Bay. Eight miles farther south, the Bluff settlement sprawls atop a hill overlooking miles of golden beaches, lush cays, and the Tongue of the Ocean. Here skeletons of Arawak natives were found huddled together. A local resident attests that another skeleton was found—this one of a 4-foot-tall, one-eyed owl, which may have given rise to the legend of the mythical, elflike chickcharnie. South Andros is laced with an almost continuous set of beaches on the northwest and east coast, and more than 15 boutique resorts, bonefishing lodges, inns, and rentals are scattered along the island's many small settlements.

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